Flexible rolls packaging


Mec Pac is specialized in flexographic printing, lamination and slitting of plastic films and paper.

Over the years, Mec Pac has gained experience that allows to offer a vast range of single or laminated films with elevated functional characteristics, in order to guarantee the protection and the correct conservation of products, combined with a great graphical quality. Packaging has always been the ultimate communication tool, as it is the first element to capture the attention of the customer.

The attentive consultancy service offered to customers as they choose materials and finishes, along with the entire productive process are oriented towards the care of quality and efficiency, as well as of flexibility and speed of execution.

Simple and laminated films for every exigence of performance, technology, packaging and communication.

Photographic quality of printing, solventless lamination and cutting lines up to 2 meters.

Flexibility in terms of production batches.

Mec Pac has recently invested in a new printing machine, Bobst MW 125, which responds to the requisites of technological integration and informatic infrastructure designed by “Industry 4.0”.

Innovation and efficiency, which are translated in high quality and greater printing speed, allow to satisfy the most diverse demands that are expressed by customers every day, specifically in terms of flexibility in the production batches and of the variety of finishes available. For example, these include particular effects in printing registration, also available on laminated films, such as the paper-touch and polished/mat effects.



Polypropylene, polyethylene, polyester, polystyrene, polyamide, films in compostable and biodegradable PLA and paper.

From the simpler films to high-barrier films for a better conservation and protection from gases, aromas and light.

Polished, lacquered, metallic, matt, paper-touch finishes and combinations of paper with window films are meant to satisfy the most recent packaging trends.

Films are provided in coils, sheets, envelopes and pre-formed and welded bags, with the possibility of adding:
• Rigid handles
• Die-cut handle
• Soft Handles
• Shoulder and cross-body strap handles with eyelets
• Zipper
• Zipper with Cursor
• Permanent dual-sided adhesive
• Removable dual-sided adhesive
• Cutting lines

Main fields of application:

• Confectionery
• Baked products and biscuits
• Rice
• Dry pasta
• Coffee
• Dairy
• Sausages and cured meats
• Ice cream and frozen food
• Fruit and vegetable
• Pet food
• Candles
• Gift Bags
• Small objects
• Homeware
• Personal care products
• Clothing

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