Packaging plays an active role in the struggle against food waste. Indeed, the packaging allows to protect the foodstuffs during all phases of production, transportation and commercialization, preserving their nutritional qualities and contributing to increase the length of the shelf life of products.

Flexible packaging, due to its lightness, is sustainable by nature, because it enables to use less resources compared to other kinds of packaging.

Moreover, it is 100% differentiable in the fraction corresponding to the prevailing material.

Mec Pac shares the growing concern towards the theme of sustainability, and assists customers in the research and development of films with reduced thickness and in the shifting to compostable and biodegradable films, while maintaining the sale level of performance.

Together, a few verifications test are attentively run to verify the maintenance of the shelf life and of the other technical performances.


On behalf of its clients, Mec Pac has manufactured several types of anti-waste thermal bags, and it proposes an innovative model that is accessible also to small businesses, by enabling customers to place orders in small quantities.



Anti-waste thermal bag that allows to recover and to take away restaurant or bar orders in excess. It can be rolled up. With customizable label.

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