Mec Pac is a family business born in 1965 from a beautiful story of friendship which involved founder Franco Caroni. As is often the case with the small Italian enterprises, the whole family took part in the company’s development, starting from his wife Maria, to his sons Marcello and Andrea, who are running the company to this day.

Mec Pac started its business as a commercial distributor of high-performance packaging films produced by the American multinational Dow Chemical Company, namely PROCITE™, TRYCITE™, SARANEX™ and OPTICITE™, which nowadays Mec Pac is still trading as an exclusive distributor on behalf of Transcendia Inc.

Over the years, acquisitions and investments in film processing technologies have allowed Mec Pac to evolve from a commercial entity to an industrial company which carries out all the tasks that are typical of a plastic converter.

The transformation of films is characterized by specific care of quality and efficiency, but also of the speed of execution so as to meet without delay the needs of the majority of clients, who are looking for a consistent and punctual service. The flexibility that Mec Pac displays in the development of new products and applications; the research of sustainability, oriented towards the development of reduced thickness with unaltered performance; and attention to customer service completes the list of corporate values that guide the entire production process.

In 2010, Mec Pac acquired Spaulding Packaging and operated in the French market until 2016 with a direct presence. Since 2017, French customers are served directly from Italy along with numerous customers from several European and Northern African countries.

In 2015, Mec Pac expanded its business by purchasing OPI, a company with over twenty years of experience in the production of thermal bags for food and protective and packaging materials.

Year 2018 represented a pivotal year, marked by the relocation to new headquarters and the gathering of all activities in the production site in Pero (MI), as well as by the purchase of the new Bobst MW 125F machine for flexographic printing in up to 8 colors, and which is able to further improve the flexibility, the quality and efficiency of film printing.

Convinced of the intrinsic value of sharing experience and knowledge in the entrepreneurial world, Mec Pac has participated in several associative organizations over the years. In particular, since 1984 it is part of CGT, the Italian Industrial Union of Paper Charters and Transformers of similar materials, of which Marcello Caroni has held the position of president for a four-year term between 2012-2016. Mec Pac is also an associate to GILFLEX.

Due to its sensitivity towards social responsibility and sustainability, Mec Pac supports various non-profit activities and, since 2009, it employs energy from renewable sources.