High performance films


Mec Pac is the sole distributor for Italy of Transcendia Inc., a world leader in the production of high-performance packaging films; for PROCITE™ and TRYCITE™, polystyrene envelope window films characterized by outstanding machinability, also suitable for food contact; SARANEX™, high-barrier films for medical and oenological applications; and OPTICITE™, polystyrene film for labels.


PROCITE ™ films are the best solution for producing envelopes with plastic windows: thanks to a perfect balance of flexibility and resistance, they allow high-speed machining both in the packaging and in the stacking of mail, avoiding creases, tears and scraps from machining and sorting lines.

Likewise, PROCITE films guarantee a perfect balance between brilliance and transparency, so that reading of the data required for posting is only on “contact” and the confidentiality of the documents contained in the envelope is guaranteed.


TRYCITE ™ films are ideal for manufacturing the windows of envelopes and folding boxes, as well as the inner pockets of folders and document holders. They are also suitable for hot thermoforming, and sheet-to-face contact with foodstuffs such as meat or cold cuts. Compliant with European and American standards, they offer numerous advantages in terms of brightness, transparency and vapor and gas permeability. They are available in both transparent and glossy finish, as well as translucent matte and dark.


SARANEX™ is a high-barrier transparent film which guarantees an unrivaled barrier for oxygen, steam, gas, and other chemical agents. It can be employed in the flexible packaging on its own or laminated with other materials and supports.

SARANEX™ is widely used in food packaging, in the oenological sector for producing screw caps seals, in the healthcare sector for textile apparel for protective clothing and for medical ostomy appliances and in the pharmaceutical sector for the manufacture of blister packs.


OPTICITE ™ is a highly versatile polystyrene film used for producing face stocks for pressure-sensitive label structures and in mold labels for injection molded polystyrene parts.

Compatible with all commercial printing processes, it offers an excellent alternative to coated paper labels especially when high moisture resistance is required.


  • Polyester film for enveloping bag finishing for laser printers
  • Pergamine
  • Compound PLA film
  • PVC foam for box frames

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